Sunday, May 10, 2009

Neon Genesis Plot Ideas *SPOILERS*

Hey everyone, i thought id let some of the lesser viewers in on some of the Neon Genesis Plot ideas.

Shinji's mother's soul is inside his EVA, allowing it to synchronize so well.

Shinji's father wants to forge with Rei and Adam to rule the world essentially.

Rei (Blue Haired Girl) has hundreds of other copies of her, and has no soul. She is a mere tool in Shinji's fathers eyes to use for the absorption of Adam.

Shinji's mother is dead and his father abandoned him. He is an incredibly fragile human being. He may appear weak, but he is mentally distraught.

Asuka is so very outgoing and social because she is trying to hide the fact that her mother hung herself, and now she wont let anyone ever find that out, and instead, she makes herself the centre of attention. This has disastrous consequences later on in the film : The End Of Evangelion.

Misato is a perfect example of the 'Hedgehog Effect', as she is trying to get closer to Kaji and Shinji, but as she does, she only hurts herself more and more. With a deep hatred for her father like Shinji, a bond begins. Although Shinji dissapoints Misato more than often, as is seen in the last scene of Misato, she no longer cares about Shinji's age, and lets him know that he means very much to her. Also a fragile character, she has many flaws, such as being ultra lazy and super unclean. Her love of Kaji and Shinji will always be at the back of her mind, but she does not truly unleash her feelings until later on. Misato is subject to interpretation, just like the rest of the characters in this series. The movie truly reveals the absolute nature of the characters, futher enhancing the story line.

The main concept behind this entire series and movies are the developments of the characters. Without that, the series is a sad mess. They turn from fragile and cautious human beings to mentally disturbed and insane and can no longer control themselves or their own actions.

Some may disagree, but i think the whole reason why the creator of this series shot himself was because he saw himself in his animations. All too clear was the mirror image on the screen before him. The eventual death of all but one character (or maybe two), perhaps reveals the creators own intentions.

Although the last scene of The End Of Evangelion lead many fans with unanswered questions, it seems to me that with Shinji and Asuka in the mental, physical and emotional state they were left in, humanity has no hope, because the only people left to rebuild the entire race are insane and bent on each others demise. Not to mention the disgust Asuka has towards Shinji (as is displayed in the last scene ' How Disgusting').

Think what you want, but this series is always open to different interpretations. No one answer is correct and unfortunately, we will never know the true meaning behind one of the best pieces of media ever created (in my opinion at least).

What do you think?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Upcoming Downloads

If your a new or old to this epic saga, I'm officially making it possible to download every single episode and movie. Its about 2gb in total, so make sure you have the room. I'm currently up to about episode 12 and there are 26 episodes plus Death and Rebirth and (End of Evangelion + You Are Not Alone). Wish me luck! (Although i feel as if im posting this for no one, i know this saga is worth it).

These are all the Episodes 1-26. Enjoy!

Episode 1 1/3

Episode 1 2/3

Episode 1 3/3

Episode 2 1/3

Episode 2 2/3

Episode 2 3/3

Episode 3 1/3

Episode 3 2/3

Episode 3 3/3

Episode 4 1/3

Episode 4 2/3

Episode 4 3/3

Episode 5 1/3

Episode 5 2/3

Episode 5 3/3

Episode 6 1/3

Episode 6 2/3

Episode 6 3/3

Episode 7 1/3

Episode 7 2/3

Episode 7 3/3

Episode 8 1/3

Episode 8 2/3

Episode 8 3/3

Episode 9 1/3

Episode 9 2/3

Episode 9 3/3

Episode 10 1/3

Episode 10 2/3

Episode 10 3/3

Episode 11 1/3

Episode 11 2/3

Episode 11 3/3

Episode 12 1/3

Episode 12 2/3

Episode 12 3/3

Episode 13 1/3

Episode 13 2/3

Episode 13 3/3

Episode 14 1/3

Episode 14 2/3

Episode 14 3/3

Episode 15 1/3

Episode 15 2/3

Episode 15 3/3

Episode 16 1/3

Episode 16 2/3

Episode 16 3/3

Episode 17 1/3

Episode 17 2/3

Episode 17 3/3

Episode 18 1/3

Episode 18 2/3

Episode 18 3/3

Episode 19 1/3

Episode 19 2/3

Episode 19 3/3

Episode 20 1/3

Episode 20 2/3

Episode 20 3/3

Episode 21 1/3

Episode 21 2/3

Episode 21 3/3

Episode 22 1/3

Episode 22 2/3

Episode 22 3/3

Episode 23 1/3

Episode 23 2/3

Episode 23 3/3

Episode 24 1/3

Episode 24 2/3

Episode 24 3/3

Episode 25 1/3

Episode 25 2/3

Episode 25 3/3

Episode 26 1/3

Episode 26 2/3

Episode 26 3/3

Neon Genesis Evangelion: End Of Evangelion Thoughts

An annoying movie, considering its the climax of the entire series. It's ending is more than questionable in the fact that it doesn't help anyone understand anything. It's far too complicated for the simple mind and it leaves the viewer upset and angry. Well, at least that's how i felt. Critical to the movie is the development of the characters. The amazing thing about this series is, if you understand the ideas and thoughts of the characters, you'll never want to stop watching this series. If however, you don't, this movie, along with the rest of the series is complete garbage and lacks no significant relevance to anything and makes you want to punch your computer for wasting your time. Don't kid yourselves here, this is by far one of the best series of television of all time, but it isn't for the simple minded.

The movie has more plot lines than i can reveal (although i never would because i generally don't enjoy spoiling movies for others), and the ending, which i don't even want to go into, left me heartbroken until i heard of a new line of movies being released. But admittedly, it is far more satisfying than Episodes 25 & 26, which i felt completely wasted my time. This is the kind of anime which should be open to fierce discussion. I feel its necessary to eventually post a review or chat about every single episode of this series. This movie, i personally do not recommend to anyone. It almost ruins a perfect series. It just becomes such an anti-climax, and sometimes i don't feel its worth watching the old series, due to the somewhat questionable plot ideas. Regardless, its too difficult to bring someone into the series (especially these new movies), without the die hard fan concept of the old movie and series. Watch the series first. In all of these posts, ill try not too evaluate the episode or singular episode, but the entire series as a whole concept. Watch the whole series and the movie.

Get back to me.

Neon Genesis Evangelion : You Are Not Alone Thoughts

Hi everyone, first post of the blog. Did everyone enjoy this movie as much as i did? Who noticed the relatively 'subtle' difference in the scene where Shinji goes to save Rei from the capsule, and in the original scene she smiles only because she see's Shinji's father in Shinji, while in the movie, she smiles because of him and only him? I sure did, and i hope it adds some romance even to the new series of movies. It would be a nice change from insane plot ideas that involve love and sudden death. I hope the ending to the last movie of the new movies properly concludes the series this time. Anyway, post what you think. This movie is a massive moving climax for me. If the rest of these movies are terrible, ill just stop watching television all together. I mean, they have so very much potential with this series. It has so many amazing characters, (some of which need a relationship), and the fan base is huge. Endless expectations from me, but we will obviously wait and see.

Until next time.